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We want to make it easier for new and valuable creators to quickly create their accounts so that they can share their content with us and monetize it. Here we will let you publish your first post to fund new account as soon as possible

How it works

Steemfounders allows you to publish your first post here without having an account. Try to make it as good as possible - at Steemit we reward interesting creators and it will depend on how quickly your account will be created (however, it should not take longer than 24 hours).

You introduce yourself

All you have to do is write your first post here - if it is good enough, your account will be opened even today. Remember - this post should be your trademark, try to be as good as possible

We fund your new account

If your post looks good, we take the risk and finance a new account especially for you. You will receive all the access keys to this account. This will be YOUR account, ready to publish your next materials immediately.

You receive all rewards

We want to be fair with our users, so after 7 days, when your work will be settled, we transfer the tokens earned by you to your wallet. It will be yours and you will be able to withdraw them or invest in account power

Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.


Accounts funded


STEEM tokens transfered

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Introduce yourself

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